Valera Global offers a full suite of transportation solutions to accommodate the unique needs and schedules of each client. Whether an executive requires private transportation once per month or
every working day, Valera Global can customize its travel program accordingly.

Details on Valera Globalís fleet, cities served and tiers of service can be found on the Services page.
Clients planning unique corporate events for an entire office or a few key executives rely on Valera Global to provide turnkey transportation solutions. The companyís centralized account management and billing services allow planners to seamlessly hand off the entire ground travel component of the event to Valera Global.

Valera Global has worked with event producers and public relations companies to create local, regional and national transportation solutions for one-time and recurring events. Elite members of the entertainment community, government officials and hospitality industry executives have all traveled with Valera Global.

To learn more about Valera Globalís Event Services, please contact Tiffany Smothers, Special Events, at 718.433.1111 ext. 177 or at