Valera Global offers a full suite of transportation solutions to accommodate the unique needs and schedules of each client. Whether an executive requires private transportation once per month or
every working day, Valera Global can customize its travel program accordingly.

Details on Valera Globalís fleet, cities served and tiers of service can be found on the Services page.
Valera Global offers transportation between cities or states. Popular routes
include New York to Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.
  • Inter-City: Flat-rate travel from point to point between two cities
  • Time-Based Jobs: Hourly rates for hiring vehicles and chauffeurs based on time rather than distance traveled or location (typically suitable for round-trip travel between cities in close proximity)
As with Zone-to-Zone services, clients have the option of contracting Valera Global
at any of the three service levels. For pricing information, please contact Sales & Client Relations at 718.433.1111 ext. 504 or