Valera Global recognizes the role that personal preference plays when it comes to executive transportation. While some clients prefer knowing a vehicle has been reserved well in advance, for
others the ability to call a vehicle at a moment’s notice is paramount. Still others settle for nothing
less than their own personal chauffeur.

Valera Global honed its service offerings to match the equally compelling needs of these
demanding travelers.
Dedicated chauffeur and vehicle for the finest in personal service and luxury ground travel. Clients select their chauffeur of choice, and individualized services based upon preferences and schedules.

A dedicated chauffeur and vehicle are standing by to provide immediate transportation for First Class clients as soon as the need arises. For daily travel needs, weekly airport service, or occasional city visits, a personal chauffeur frees clients from the burden of worrying how to get to the next appointment. Instead, executives can focus on the business at hand while the personal chauffeur works directly with the clients’ administrative staff to insure that last-minute schedule changes do not cause disruptions.