Valera Global is the premier provider of executive transportation solutions, taking ground transportation
to a new level of luxury. Serving the New York metropolitan area, major U.S. cities and European destinations, Valera Global drives Fortune 500 executives from a diverse array of industries.

Through an unparalleled attention to passenger amenities, safety and customer service, Valera Global has become the transportation solution of choice for discerning clients. Founded in 1986 and still managed by the same team of dedicated entrepreneurs, Valera Global prides itself on achieving service excellence for the driven professional.
The suite of services and extensive reach of Valera Global give clients the options they need to create the transportation solution that works best with their respective lifestyles. Clients can select the type of vehicle they require, customized routes and schedules, and even the individual chauffeurs they prefer to ride with. Valera Global can also respond at a momentís notice to accommodate customers who either cannot or prefer not to make an advance reservation. In cities across the globe, Valera Global offers customized transportation opportunities for clients who appreciate that flexibility and luxury are not mutually exclusive propositions.